Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my question not in the FAQs?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have via email. We will be adding more questions to this section on a rolling basis.

Is this service available for my geographic region?

Check out our full availability to see where we offer coverage.

What languages can I use with route360°?

We currently provide clients in 4 languages:

What coordinate system are the polygons in?

The polygons are in the web mercator projection, which is the current de facto for web maps.

How can I get the polygons in lat/long?

Here's a possible path to get WGS84 (standard latitude, longitude) using the javascript API:

travelOptions.setSrid(4326); // SRID for WGS84

more info here.

With the python API, there is a --srid flag you can use to set the output crs example.

How can I buffer or simplify the polygons?

With the python API, there are several flags that can be used to buffer/simplify the polygons. --buffer sets the buffer in meters for each polygon (0m default). --simplify sets the simplification threshold in meters (0m default). example.

Buffering and simplifying GeoJSON outputs is not available for all plan levels. Check our plans for details.

How can I set the travel type for each source individually?

Each source which is added to the travel options needs to have an attribute called travelType. This field may contain one of the following values: walk, bike, transit or car.

Where do I get my API key?

You can use the registration service here. If something goes wrong please contact us by email immediately.

How much does it cost to use the API?

You can use our API for free in your project as long as you give us attribution. You need to incorporate our logo on the map and provide a link to Each plan does have different limitations - see plans

If you have needs that surpass our limits, or if you need advanced features such as polygon caching, on-premise installation, statistics service or poi service, contact us and we can make it happen. Also, if you build something nice with our API, please send us a link - we'd love to feature your awesome applications on our site.

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